VMware ESXi 4.1 and Dell OMSA 6.3

VMware ESXi 4.1 and Dell OMSA

Setting up Dell OpenManage Server Administrator is a very simple and straight forward endeavor.  This is probably why when the process recently failed I wandered off aimlessly in to the ether following post after post in a fruitless search for the answer I desperately needed.

Hopefully what follows will pull together a few different manuals, blogs and forum posts, along with a tidbit or two that I did not find while searching.

I will be talking specifically about ESXi 4.1, and Dell OpenManage 6.3 in this post.

Here is my process:

Download everything you will need:

  • VMware-vSphere-CLI-4.1.0-254719
  • OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-6.3.0-2075.VIB-ESX41i_A00.8.zip
  • OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-Win-6.3.0-2075_A00.20.exe

Put your host in to maintenance mode

Once you have everything downloaded I personally like to put the host I will be working with in to maintenance mode, I recommend rebooting, so you might as well get this out of the way up front.  While that process is happening:

Update VMware vSphere CLI using: VMware-vSphere-CLI-4.1.0-254719.

Install the VIB

With your host in maintenance mode open vSphere CLI and enter the following line, taking care to change the esxiservername, possibly the username and your password:

Reboot the host

Install Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node

To access OMSA on your host you will first need to install Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node using: OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-Win-6.3.0-2075_A00.20.exe.


or maybe not.

Can’t install the VIB?

Generally this means either update the CLI or verify you are using the correct version of the VIB, there are probably others but since I didn’t encounter the issue here is the limit of what I can offer.

If you cannot access the host I have seen many posts about it things to check:

  • Are you using an OMSA managed node and not directly trying to access the host?
  • Do you have a blank password for the management conosle on the ESXi host?
  • You can verify that the services are running: /usr/lib/ext/dell/srvadmin/bin/dataeng status
  • Is UserVars.CIMOEMProvidersEnabled set to 1?

Leave that setting as is, instead:

Go to vSphere, select the host, choose the configuration tab, go to the software window and click advanced settings.  From here find UserVars and then: UserVars.CIMoemProviderEnabled set that to 1 if it isn’t.  This is NOT UserVars.CIMOEMProvidersEnabled, there is a difference!

Once you have changed this or verified the setting is correct restart the host and you should now have no problem accessing Dell OMSA on ESXi from the Managed Node.

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